SECTION 2: Eligible Activities

This section describes the many categories of activities that may be assisted using CDBG-DR funds. It also discusses a number of ineligible activities that may not be assisted. Guidance is also provided on documenting compliance with the CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice.

Planning and Planning-Only Grants

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Table listing the statutory citations and regulatory citations for planning and planning-only grants activities. The table has two columns. The first column lists statutory citations, and the second column lists regulatory citations. When you click on the image, it will open a new window displaying accessibility text details.

Generally, planning costs are activities that support comprehensive planning.

To assist state CDBG-DR grantees in carrying out comprehensive planning initiatives, the Department typically waives the requirements at 24 CFR 570.483(b)(5) and (c)(3). Instead, states must comply with 24 CFR 570.208(d)(4) when funding disaster recovery-assisted, planning only grants, or directly administering planning activities that guide recovery in accordance with the applicable appropriations act. State CDBG-DR grantees can award these “planning-only” grants to units of general local government for studies, analysis, and data gathering.

In addition, the types of planning activities that states may fund or undertake are expanded under the HUD waiver and alternative requirement provided in the Consolidated Notice, to be consistent with those of the CDBG Entitlement program, described at 24 CFR 570.205 which defines planning as “activities which consist of all costs of data gathering, studies, analysis, and preparation of plans and the identification of actions that will implement such plans.” (24 CFR 570.205(a)). These planning activities may include functional land-use plans, open space plans, historic preservation plans, comprehensive plans, community recovery plans, the development of housing codes, zoning ordinances, and neighborhood plans. In the CDBG Entitlement program, these planning activities are presumed to meet a national objective under the requirements at 24 CFR 570.208(d)(4).

A Guide on How CDBG-DR Grantees Can Meet the Requirements of the Consolidated Notice